Predict. Prioritize. Profit.

DxContinuum provides B2B sales teams with powerful predictive analytics. From lead and opportunity scoring to forecast price points and cross-sell/upsell recommendations, our solutions fit seamlessly into day-to-day sales operations and decision-making to accelerate sales cycles, improve pipeline visibility, increase win rates and lift revenues.

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"SaaS-based predictive analytics applications are helping B2B salespeople and marketers more effectively generate demand and win deals."

Who Benefits from DxContinuum?

DxContinuum is Trusted by Leaders

Inside Sales Doubles Conversions, Practically Overnight

“With the DxContinuum lead scoring solution, we had a double digit increase in conversions with half the number of leads chased quarter over quarter.”
Pawan Goyal, Senior Director of Products, Adobe Print/Scan and TechComm

Easy to Use by Salesforce Customers

How can this be possible, practically overnight? Predictive analytics is people-heavy and takes months, right? The DxContinuum enterprise-grade predictive analytics platform is easy to use and fast to deploy. DxContinuum software integrates seamlessly in Salesforce Sales Cloud through AppExchange apps.

In Salesforce dashboards and reports, inside sales and account executives see the top leads and opportunities to contact today, powered by DxContinuum predictive analytics. You can be up and running without professional services. There’s no new software to learn or new sales inputs to record.

Salesforce AppExchange Reviews

“A great tool to increase the predictability of your sales process and your total revenues by understanding which leads are the most likely to convert. [The DxContinuum platform] has wide scope of extending its capability, across the entire customer sales funnel from prospecting, lead and opportunity scoring to pricing, upsell and cross-sell.”


Customer Success Manager, Inc.

Uniquely Positioned for B2B Revenue Acceleration

Predict. Prioritize. Profit.

With DxContinuum predictive analytics, your sales team can prioritize the best leads and opportunities and avoid unnecessary price discounts. You can increase customer wallet share with a programmatic approach to upsell and cross-sell, while pinpointing where to focus attention on customers at risk to churn.

DxContinuum customers have doubled the percent of leads that convert while reducing in half the average number of weeks from initial contact to deal closure.

Industry-leading Predictive Analytics Platform

Using the latest in machine learning and data science, the DxContinuum predictive analytics platform is easy to use and fast to deploy for the most demanding Fortune 500 and mid-size enterprises. This patented platform delivers DxC SalesSuite™ prepackaged applications for Salesforce and Oracle Sales Cloud customers in addition to custom deployments.

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Get Started with Predictive Analytics for B2B Sales

DxContinuum predictive analytics enable B2B sales teams to generate more revenue, with better predictability. To get started, consider these questions.

Five questions to ask:

  1. What business challenges can you address?
  2. How will the new analytics offerings fit with what you have today?
  3. What data sources will you use?
  4. How can you validate ROI and usability?
  5. How will the new offerings be implemented?

Take the DxContinuum Challenge

Using the DxContinuum predictive analytics platform, within one quarter we can validate return on investment, or find out what it will take to deliver ROI, to enable you to grow your B2B revenue by 25% or more.

Within the first two weeks DxContinuum will set up high-quality predictive models for use by your sales, marketing and finance teams in their day-to-day strategic and tactical decisions. Your organization will be able to measure the impact of the models on actual business outcomes as the quarter progresses.

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