How it Works

DxContinuum is a cloud-based predictive analytics software solution that operates within your CRM or marketing automation environment making use of advanced big data, machine learning and natural language processing technologies.


DxContinuum analyzes your CRM and sales automation data together with your other sales and marketing data to precisely predict your customers buying patterns.


Using patented predictive techniques, DxContinuum automatically creates and continuously maintains customer-specific scores, recommendations and forecasts. Use DxContinuum to view data that the software has ranked and sorted, and test forward-looking what-if scenarios.


DxContinuum software automatically generates and maintains predictive models for customer-specific scores, recommendations and forecasts at an accuracy greater than 85%. Our solution continuously updates and refines these models with the data generated by your sales and marketing activities.

DxC for Sales

DxContinuum was built for sales, and our suite of capabilities for sales teams is unmatched in the industry. Our customers have more than doubled the speed of lead-to-deal conversions, increased deal sizes and accelerated sales velocity by at least 25%. It adds up quickly.

The DxContinuum sales solution boosts productivity and effectiveness by making innovative use of predictive analytics supported by advanced big data, machine learning and natural language processing technologies. The software is easy to use, in part because it embeds within the systems already being used by your sales and marketing teams. It can be deployed in days and rapidly deliver quantifiable increases in sales, sales velocity and yield. The ROI comes fast.

Solution Highlights

  • Real-time predictive scores on opportunities most (and least) likely to close.
  • Predicted closing price points for more accurate forecasts.
  • Cut-off scores clearly defining the point between wins and losses.
  • Detailed reason codes, indicating factors influencing predictive outcomes.
  • APIs and embedded ETL functionality to consume data from any structured source.
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface embedded within CRM or marketing automation system.



DxC for Marketing (LeadLens)

DxContinuum provides marketing teams with powerful predictive analytics to support account-based marketing (ABM) strategies by rapidly identify leads that are most likely to convert to opportunities, and to attribute specific marketing programs to those accounts most likely to convert into closed deals. This enables inside sales teams to prioritize high quality leads and pursue opportunities that increase revenue without adding additional headcount.

Unlike traditional approaches that use a set of fixed rules about buyer profiles and engagement to score leads, DxContinuum uses machine learning and other analytic techniques to create predictive scoring models. These models provide forecasts at more than 85% accuracy, and they adapt to changes in your business environment, providing up-to-date lead and opportunity scoring.

Solution Highlights

  • Cloud-based predictive analytics embedded within CRM or marketing automation screens.
  • Rapid identification of high value targeted leads and accounts for account-based marketing programs.
  • Analysis of marketing programs and campaigns that have the highest impact wins and losses.
  • Instant scoring of leads for higher quality MQL to SQL prioritization.

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FunnelVision is DxContinuum’s introductory analysis of your B2B sales funnel. This service offering is designed to provide a preview of what predictive sales analytics can bring to your team and company. Packaged as an all-inclusive set of reports and data, this two-week service helps sales and sales operations leaders get a powerful slice of insight into their current pipeline.

Solution Highlights

  • Complete lead and opportunity scoring across your current and next quarter sales pipeline.
  • Ability to prioritize activities that drive deal closures.
  • Predictions on closing price points for opportunities most likely to close this quarter and next.
  • Professionally packaged presentation and report, customized for your data.
  • 1-hour hosted session with DxContinuum to review and discuss your data.

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