DxC for Marketing (LeadLens)TM

DxC LeadLens identifies leads that are most likely to convert into opportunities with more than 85% predictive accuracy. These prioritized leads are visible to inside sales reps and telemarketing teams directly within their CRM system. By getting a prioritized list of leads to pursue, reps don’t waste time chasing unproductive opportunities. DxC LeadLens accelerates conversions, improves productivity of all sales reps and has a significant impact on top-line revenues.

Other solutions use a set of fixed rules about buyer profiles and engagement to score leads. DxContinuum uses machine learning and a patented predictive model that adapts to changes in your business environment, providing up-to-date lead scoring and continuous improvement even as you add new products and sales reps.

Enhancing Account-Based Marketing (ABM)MarketingResponses

Rapidly identifying leads and key accounts that are likely to convert to successful sales is a powerful component of the DxContinuum solution for marketing teams. As account-based strategies drive new marketing programs and investment, knowing which accounts to prioritize and digging into the specific programs and campaigns that influence the propensity to convert and close becomes a critical need.

For Lead Generation and Inside Sales

Inside sales teams are critical to the overall success of the sales team. Responsible for filling the sales funnel with qualified opportunities that turn into revenue, their job is to follow up on leads generated by the marketing team. However, with limited bandwidth and faced with an overwhelming number of leads from different sources, how do they know which leads will generate the best opportunities and the most revenue?

Predictive Scoring

Unlike marketing automation solutions or traditional approaches that use a set of rules to score leads, DxContinuum uses proven techniques to create models that can predict which leads will convert into opportunities with 85% accuracy or better. These models adapt to changes in the business environ¬ment, providing up-to-date scoring of leads. DxContinuum provides reports that allow reps to prioritize their leads, improving their effectiveness and efficiency in turning leads into qualified opportunities.


Management Insights

Management also benefits from visibility into which leads are likely to convert into opportunities. Reports provide an early assessment of the quality of the sales funnel and enables effective management of resources. DxContinuum also highlights the key factors that impact whether a lead will convert into opportunity; providing management key insights that can drive strategic decisions for both marketing and sales.